Thursday, April 28, 2016

30.04.2016 Electro House

9pm Till I Come(Dmjszn Rmx)-男声ElectroMelbourne

Alan Walker - Faded v2(DjKansas Rmx)-女ElectroHouse

Alesso Ft Roy English - Cool(DjDsmall)-男ElectroHouse

All I Need Is Alcohol(DjBin Rmx)-男说唱ElectroHouse

Apologize(DjGuard.小晨 Rmx)-男说男唱ElectroBounce

Club Go Mad 2016(DjBin Rmx)-男说男唱ElectroHouse

Free Your Mind(DjThai Hoang Rmx)-女ElectroHouse

Fuck That 2016(Original Mix)-男声ElectroMelbourne

Jack Mazzoni - Booma Yee(DjRick)-男女ElectroHouse

Mammoth(DjMinh Anh Melody Rmx)-旋律ElectroHouse

Megustar - Elo Melo(Dj大圣 Rmx)-男ElectroBounce

Party Party Party 2016(Dj大圣 Rmx)-男ElectroBounce

Selena Gomez - Slow Down(DjHope)-女ElectroHouse

Turbotronic - Hot Body(Dj王聪 Mashup)-男ElectroHouse

Video 2016(DjTeejay Ft DjRicky Rmx)-女ElectroHouse

You Can Win If You Want(DjHarchi Rmx)-男ElectroHouse

Zedd - Beautiful Now(DjJa3ck Ext Mix)-男ElectroHouse

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