Saturday, May 7, 2016

10.05.2016 Electro House

All Day And All Of The Night(DjKeebin Rmx)-男ElectroHouse

Booty Shake(DjDalong.孙龙 Edit)-男女声ElectroMelbourne

Crush 2016(DjKcv Ft DjElsoq Rmx)-女ElectroHouse

De Em Roi Xa 2016(DjSu Rmx)-越南男ElectroHouse

Deep Down Low(Alnct Rmx)-男ElectroBounce

Em Di Tim Anh(DjDream Thuy Rmx)-越南男女ElectroHouse

Enjoy The Ride 2016(DjVana Rmx)-女ElectroHouse

Ghetto Blaster(Vip Bounce Mix)-男说唱ElectroMelbourne

Mazzoni-Rock The Klubb(Club Mix)-男唱男说ElectroHouse

Melbournia Superstars(Ext)-男说唱ElectroMelbourne

Now That Ive Found You(Bthreente)-男ElectroMelbourne

Soler-Sofia(Christopher Vitale Bootleg)-男ElectroHouse

Too Original(Thmlf Rmx)-女说唱ElectroMelbourne

Village Girls-Kick It 2016(Dj旭B)-女ElectroMelbourne

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